O.C. Spray Credentials

Most federal government contracts require security officers to have a robust portfolio of credentials. One of those credentials is usually to be proficient in the use of oleoresin capsicum spray.  Don't wait until the last minute when your credentials are about to expire!

DHS 40-Hour Weapons Course

The Department of Homeland Security mandates that each armed security officer on a DHS-specific contract demonstrate his or her suitability and proficiency by way of successful completion of the week-long course. Your credentials are important and so is your training.

MD Armed Security Guard (Initial)

Learn from state-approved instructors! The Maryland State Police is now enforcing the new training standards for armed security officers.  We will discuss techniques that will keep you safe and that will take your current knowledge to a new level!

C.P.R., First Aid, & A.E.D. Course 

Learn from certified instructors!  How would you feel if a fellow citizen needed your help and you weren't trained?  Furthermore, how would you feel if a family member needed your help and you didn't know C.P.R.? You should always be prepared and ready to act at a moment's notice.

ASP Baton

Learn how to defend yourself with a baton.  Understanding where and how to strike an assailant is very important. Multiple-subject acquisition drills, stance, grip, baton retention, and how to effectively and efficiently draw an expandable baton are all areas of learning conducted in this course.

A Firearms Course for Beginners

Do you want to learn the fundamentals?  Are you interested in learning from wonderful instructors? We have everything you need to succeed!  Don't be scared.  It is empowering to learn something new!  

VA & FL Concealed Carry Permits

By living in the nation's capital region, our opinion is that you should have a Virginia concealed carry permit. Florida's permit is also very important to have, in that, it covers the second most states.  Come earn both in the same class!

One-on-One AR-15 Tactics 

You will learn more advanced skills in order to operate an AR-15 at a tactical level.  Shooting on the move, multiple threat acquisition, speed reloading, and incapacitation drills are just a few of the skills that will be taught during the "live-fire" activities.

Handgun Qualification License

Every possible factor has been considered!  Your training, your eye protection, your ear protection, your ammunition, your range fees, and even your firearm is all included!  Just show up and learn!

Our Classes

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Living  Normal  Safe

One-on-One DHS Weapon Training
If you are new to the DHS course-of-fire, we can help you!  If you are a "seasoned veteran" and have been shooting the I.C.E. course-of-fire for years, we can still help you!  Allow us to prepare you for your next qualification. There's no excuse now not to qualify!
LiveScan Fingerprinting

After learning in class, do you need to be digitally fingerprinted? Are you about to purchase your first firearm? Do you only need to be fingerprinted in order to receive your H.Q.L.?  If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then have us arrange for your fingerprinting to be done!

One-on-One DoD Weapon Training

Do you need to finally pass a course-of-fire for a Department of Defense contract that is seeking armed professionals like yourself?  We will enlighten you to the specific strategies for success.  Our excellent trainers will demonstrate how you too can shoot a "300" at your next qualification!

D.C. Special Police Officer

Come train and qualify with us!  After being certified by our firearms instructors, have the Security Officer Management Branch (S.O.M.B.) of the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department help you finish the process of getting credentialed in order to start working as a D.C. SPO!

Carbine Rifle Orientation

The beginning aspects of the AR-15 platform will be taught.  Stance, sight picture, sight alignment, "zeroing" exercises, nomenclature, types of ammunition, and how to properly maintain the rifle will be some the topics discussed in this course.

MD Armed Security Guard (Renewal)

Well, it's that time again! Come get trained and be taken to the range in order to get qualified.  The Maryland State Police has issued a new course-of-fire for armed security guards to demonstrate their shooting proficiency. Are you ready?  You can be!

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

The most recognized, respected, and valued concealed firearm permit in the country.  Earn the Utah permit and carry your firearm concealed in over 31 states!  We will complete your fingerprinting services as well!